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Martin Christ is one of the leading manufacturers of freeze drying units world-wide, with an experience of more than 50 years and offers an entire program of laboratory, pilot and production plants for all applications.

In the range of laboratory- and pilot units not only routine-process freeze dryers, but also a series of product-specific, highly specialized lyophilizers are made available, equipped with innovative, intuitive control interfaces (“LD – Lyo Display” and “LSC – Lyo-Screen- Control”). The multiple and laboratory- tested range of accessories allow the different basic units to easily handle a variety of routine and advanced processes.

CHRIST-made production units comply to international regulations such as FDA, GMP and GAMP and will be specially designed by our Engineering-Team, following the individual user requirements. Our flexible design-concept enable us to offer variations in mechanical construction through to specific vacuum, refrigeration and control systems. All units from Christ fulfil highest standards on materials used and functional safety and ca be extended for future operations. Modern control electronics simplify user operation and allow the storage of programs, so that processes can be reproduced. Completely integrated systems (e.g. vial loading systems, isolators) can be offered as well.

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