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At Skadi Europe we are specialists in laboratory equipment related to temperature.

With help of our strong team of service minded distributors we offer a solid and user friendly package of Ultra Low Temperature Freezers (-86ºC and -45ºC), Laboratory Refrigerators & Freezers, Blood Bank & Plasma Freezers, CO2 incubators & Ovens, Freeze Dryers and our unique Wireless Monitoring & Alarm System. All products are thoroughly tested in our European facility before shipment. We differentiate ourselves by our flexible way of delivering our standard products with the requested customized features you need.

We provide high quality Ultra Low Freezers,  both Chest and Upright types with volumes ranging from 125 litre up to 730 litre. We are the first in the market using 100 % natural, ecologic friendly refrigerants resulting in the lowest power consumption, lowest noise level and CO2 reduction. Other unique features of our freezers are our developed Perfect Fit System® and our WhisperFreeze® Technology: Less ice building up in a low noise environment!
The Slimline® Laboratory Refrigerators and Freezers offer a wide range of configurations ranging from routine laboratory applications up to high demanding storage protocols for Blood Banking. Slimline standards equips the cabinets in a high quality stainless steel.

Wireless Lab is the plug & play solution for easy monitoring and safe storage of temperature data. Monitor your laboratory equipment without using any paper, installation time or software. You can check your equipment performance anywhere using ... More

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