Burdinola is among a select group of companies who can guarantee, worldwide, the most advanced technological solutions for state-of-the-art laboratories for scientific research. To get this far has been the fruit of a long experience and highly technical specialization and above all the professional spirit of a team who have always committed itself to innovation and quality.

We provide satisfactory solutions for the most demanding needs of todays laboratories.
Our work criteria is based on:
Resource optimization
Research and development of new products
Quality of materials and installations
The professionalism of an organization with extensive expertis in its field.
Our services can cover all the phases of the process of creation of a laboratory, since the initial ideas up to now in which the investigators already are working on the whole comfort.
We like talking about solutions from the perspective of over 25 years in the sector.
When faced with a clients need we start the ball rolling throughout our organisation to design the specific laboratory per activity, ranging from pharmaceutical, chemical or similar production to other fields like analysis, instrumentation or research.
To this end, our technical team carries out all preliminary laboratory definition studies, in direct contact with the user, ranging from specific applications to the technical staffs necessary equipment, withc will be using the spaces, likewise all current legislation related to processes, safety or product handling.
Maintenance and SAT
We provied our clients with a complete maintenance service for all of our products. The specialized SAT team provides the trust of counting permanently on the support of professionals to prevent the possibility of failure.

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